Interpreting the Arab world and Islam

This is a blog of news and analysis of the Arab world and Islam. This is the second part of a project initiated with the Catalan version of these posts, that have been published in since March 2011.

Our aim is to present to a Western audience the events affecting the Arab and Islamic worlds from a perspective that tries to be objective, and based on our profound knowledge of the Arab world and Islam, in the constructive criticism of the media and the respect to the Arab people, the Muslims and the concerns of the western people who want to know and understand the Middle East.

The background of this blog backs to the book “Understanding Iraq”, that brought for the first time to the Catalan public the context and unbiased interpretation of the transition process in Iraq.

“Understanding Iraq” is a comprehensive analysis of the period of occupation and Iraq transition illustrated with numerous references to history, culture and religion of Iraq. Devoting special attention to the attitude of Iraqi Arabism and Islam, the origin and evolution of violence and terrorism, the case of Kurdistan and the role of ethnic and religious minorities in the new Iraq.

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