Games with interactive maps to learn geography of the Middle East (level 2)

If you already have practiced with the tutorial for learning the capitals, countries and geographical regions of the Middle East, you are now ready to test your knowledge in geography with the two applications below.

The country names are written in English. If you want to hear the pronunciation of the countries, cities and regions can play with interactive maps you will find in the article Games with interactive maps to learn geography of the Middle East (tutorial).

Finally, I remind you that you need the Flash Player program installed in order to visualize the maps.

Click on the right countries in the map as as names appear on screen. If your answer is correct, the country turns black and the score increases. But if you make a mistake, you lose points. The game finishes when you have located right all the countries.

Warning: There is a little error in this program. When it asks you to locate Bahrain, you will need to click Qatar instead. (This map is the first of the two maps in

At the bottom of the map there is a list with the names of the countries. With your mouse, you have to drag the name to the right place on the map.

This program shows the Western Sahara as territory distinct from Marocco and the borders of Sudan before the independence of the Republic of South Sudan in 2011. (This map is the second of the two maps in

Regarding the interactive maps, the article Empires of the Middle East throughout history shows a map specially designed for lovers of history and human geography, which helps us to organize geographically and chronologically all empires that have passed through and have left their heritage in the Middle East and North Africa, from 3000 BC until today.

Author: Jordi Llaonart



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Games with interactive maps to learn geography of the Middle East (tutorial)

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