We won the war in Libya

One of the events related to the Libyan conflict that caught my attention is the speed at which the Western media and public opinion favored the rebels, from the outset. In fact, every day we heard of ‘liberated’ cities by the rebels. I would not highlight this fact if I did not hear, just eight years ago, the same voices condemning with all their forces the intention of other armies to liberate Iraq, in its way, from the clutches of one of the bloodiest tyrants of the Arab world.

I have read and heard many arguments in favor of foreign intervention in Libya, from people contrary to the same type of action in Iraq. And I found that most of the explanations justify the current rulers of the West, and criticized those who precede them. Overall, I feel that, once again, we act, we intervene and we decide on life and death of the Arabs guided by local interests and criteria. The fact that the lives of people claiming aid and human rights depend on our mood, or the popularity of the government of the day, it is unfair. This could leave many mistreated people to the disaster. And the fact that we unconditionally commit to one side of a conflict which we do not know much anything about, is worrying.

I guess that because of the broad popular support for this war, despite our pacifist awareness, one of the headlines of the day is that Gaddafi was killed in a rebel attack. We like to think that the Libyans have done justice by themselves, instead of accepting the possibility that the dictator has died in a bombing of our aircraft. Our plains, in theory, only had to go to Libya to protect the population of the city of Benghazi, but it ended up making war.

As for the immediate future of Libya, it seems that the humble people who had opted for Gaddafi, and felt offended at seeing on television how the body of their leader was mistreated, will play a marginal role. Privileges derived from the administration and control of security forces will hand from some families, and some tribes, to others. And the big businessmen and politicians of higher rank, who lived as kings over the past forty-two years thanks to the dictatorship, they know how to present the key necessary for the transition and will continue to maintain their privileges. This is supported by the West, which already presses to avoid a total break with the people of the old regime. In Libya, as in Iraq, the co-responsible elite for decades of dictatorship and thousands of murders, the technocrats, agree to point as the only responsible one man and his family. Whenever a tyrant is gone, some people want us to believe that, with the death of the tyrant fade the responsibilities of decades of dictatorship.

Opinion article published in Strong views of Vilaweb on 21 October 2011

Author: Jordi Llaonart

(source: http://blocs.mesvilaweb.cat/arabislam)


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