Why France has recognized the rebels in Libya

The European response to the situation in Libya was not uniform and varies widely from one country to another, depending on the interests of its energy companies.

The most surprising reaction has been the France one, which has recognized the rebels as the only representatives of the Libyan people. To understand this controversial decision, just take a look at the map below: 

Nicolas Sarkozy can afford to use tough language against Gaddafi Libyan government because the current French companies do not have much to lose with the change of regime, but much to win. The map on the right shows, by color, the presence on Libyan soil of the foreign energy companies. France’s Total has a small business compared with its Spanish and American rivals.

Furthermore, Sarkozy has raised the Libyan affair in internal clue, as an opportunity to get back the popularity lost. Next year presidential elections are to be held, and according to some recent surveys, the National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, is postulated as a serious candidate. In this sense, French leaders now are quick to show force against Arab dictators to make the public opinion forget that just two months ago, they offered help to he dictator Ben Ali in order to crush the democratic uprising in Tunisia .

The French president also knows that all calls made by his country to intervene militarily in Libya only will be implemented if there is an international consensus. So Sarkozy appears as a radical guarantor of the rights of Libyan people without any risk or obligation, because no one will ask him to send his aircraft. Also, if he eventually proves that Europe acted late, he always can blame the other states and said during the election campaign that he is the only one who act in advanced to the events.

Author: Jordi Llaonart

(source: http://blocs.mesvilaweb.cat/arabislam)


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